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Partners in Analytics Maturity and Data Driven Transformation

Data Science, AI, Technology, Outcomes

A highly skilled data science start-up at the intersection of high value data, complex AI frameworks, and high impact business outcomes.

  • Advisory: Solving complex business problems that require data, technology and AI expertise.

  • Accelerators: Building domain intensive frameworks and AI applications for driving higher efficiency and value.

  • AI Products: Turnkey products for industry specific business outcomes.

    AI Products

    Intelligent Solutions for Business Outcomes in Financial Services, Pharma, Oil & GasClients

    Leading Alternate Credit Score with 30 Million+ iterations


    Video KYC and Onboarding Solution


    End-to-End decisioning solution with embedded segmentations, credit risk scores, fraud alerts, CVM


    Predictive Maintenance for Heavy Equipments

    Data Science Services

    Data science and technology advisory services to drive digital transformation across Financial Services, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, and many other industries

    Latest Perspectives

    Interested in pursuing a career with us? We are always looking for smart and motivated individuals.

    We are looking for tech geeks, nerds, analysts.

    If you are sure you are a startup person, but don't have an idea yet, we can give you one of ours as well.

    Our interviews are problem solving and fit based. You can get in touch with us, and we promise to get back as quickly as we can. Be sure to highlight your entrepreneurial urge and achievements in your cover note.

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